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Resourcing and Acquisition on Client’s Behalf
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Various since 1997 for both RPs, Fair Rent and Shared Ownership. Up to 150 units per annum.


As experienced property Valuers we are able to identify suitable locations within each Borough. From familiarity with Space Standards, technical standards and statutory standards we sift for suitable standards within a budget. We also look at the block and the capacity for future service charges. We seek to provide the best accommodation with the funding available, on these types of projects and look to sustainability, longevity and lifetime costs.


This has been one of our most successful areas of business. We have been able, on the Client’s behalf, to identify suitable stock in our client’s preferred geographical areas to fit their mix and type requirements. We believe we have been extremely accurate in our cost analysis from the initial survey and continue to keep a very tight hold on budgets through to final account stage.

Over many years, for numerous clients, we have achieved cost and time targets in difficult and varying property markets.

As with all our projects we believe that the quality of the finished product is second to none on the budget available.

We have expertise, facilities, management programmes and quality in place to deliver these types of schemes meeting new and challenging requirements in terms of energy use and regulation.

We believe that we are unique in having in-house both a Property Valuation and a Building Surveying capacity to assist each other. We have shown great reductions in the wasted costs that present in other methods of procurement where Valuations and Building Surveys are instructed separately.

The key to our achievement has been correct property identification from the market stock available and in sympathetic and economic refurbishment.


London Borough of Brent
Notting Hill Housing Trust
Genesis Housing Group

  • Identification & Sifting Properties
  • Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Liaison with solicitors from instruction to legal completion
  • Building Surveys
  • Design & Specification
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Control
  • CDM Coordinator