There is an increasing demand, in both the private and public sectors, to understand sustainable construction practices. This demand is driven by a realisation that sustainable practices make sense to both owners and operators. The practices not only help the environment but can also improve economic profitability for investors, developers and occupiers. Robson Walsh are committed to the principle of sustainability.

We have a day-to-day understanding of what sustainability really means and are able to offer a wide range of sustainability consultancy services to both private and public sector clients at every stage of the property cycle.

Our Services include:

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) – providing information about a property’s energy consumption, and CO2 emissions together with recommendations for improvement.
  • Energy Surveys – Audits and production of site wide Energy Implementation Plans.
    Benchmark data, Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations, computer simulations.
  • Reports for renewable energy provision – for example to assist the planning process such as the application of Renewable Technologies including Biomass, Heat pumps (ground and air source), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Solar – Thermal, Photo-voltaic (PV).
  • Compliance with Building Regulation Approved Document L