Compulsory Purchase, Compensation & Disturbance

Facilitating Estate Regeneration
Expert Legal Advice
Negotiated Settlement of CP
Cost Effective


Taking instructions and obtaining a sound basis for advancing. This might involve getting title, accounts, leases, Rights of Way etc in order.
Obtaining preliminary information in liaison with Solicitors leading up to the issue of the Compulsory Purchase Order.
Ensuring that prior to ‘Notice to Treat’, the best legal, accounting and statutory position is in place.
Negotiations, if possible, prior to Notice to Treat.
Preparing cases for and representation at Lands Tribunal
We are fortunate in having a former employee of the District Valuer’s Office Inland Revenue with Compulsory Purchase experience.


Managing the whole of the process from Start to Finish.
Facilitate Redevelopment and re-generation.
Aftercare and dealing with Claims in Legal Disturbance.


London Borough of Brent, Stonebridge Housing Action Trust, Notting Hill and numerous private Clients


Ranging from 1 to 50 properties.


up to £15m


Compulsory Purchase Legislation
Planning Law
Property Law

  • Taking instructions and advising on likely outcomes
  • Negotiating with the Owners or Acquiring Authorities
  • Maintaining professional and statutory negotiations throughout
  • Representing the Clients best position after careful consideration
  • Issuing formal documents in accordance with Compulsory Purchase legislation
  • Professional representation before Lands Tribunal
  • Experience