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Over the past 10 years we have undertaken full management and control of GHG’s Decent Homes Programme which includes kitchen, bathroom, heating, sound and thermal insulation and other upgrading works in occupied properties.

During this time we have evolved a successful working relationship with contractors and clients and have prepared bespoke schedule of rates, procedure guides, design criteria and performance management systems to ensure that these large and complex programmes are delivered successfully.

At the same time our survey and inspection regime ensures that information is fed back to update our client’s own stock condition database on all elements of structure and all value and benefit.

The evolving programmes have been managed using both large multi-national and small contractors on a variety of contract forms including partnering arrangements under PPC 2000 OJEU Procured.


The longevity of our commission we believe is testament to our performance. We have developed an extremely good working relationship with all parties and have maintained a very firm hand on quality, cost and integrity of the construction process.

We believe the end product is of the highest standard produced currently in this sector for RSLs and customer satisfaction evidence kept in our KPI Performance Management System is testament to this.

We have been extremely proactive in this field introducing energy saving measures, negotiating cost savings on supply chain, such as kitchen units and jointly preparing resident’s booklets in association with GHG’s Housing Management.


Genesis Housing Group


Annual Rolling Programme. Retro-fit of Kitchens, Bathrooms and other Decent Home Works


Varied – £3 – 6m per annum


JCT and PPC 2000


2000 to 2015

  • Budget and Cost Control
  • Stock Condition Reporting
  • Contract Administration/Employer’s Representative
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Survey Design & Scheduling
  • Programme Management and Administration
  • CDM Coordinators