A complex refurbishment of a large sheltered scheme occupied by elderly residents. The building was subject to comprehensive refurbishment, including upgrading of heating and installation of new lifts, which were undertaken separately and managed by Genesis In-House Services Team.

The external envelope included complete window replacement with general and roof repairs.

To the interior, the flats had refitted kitchens and upgraded bathrooms with level entry shower or fitted out to bespoke residents needs.


A very complex scheme working around frail and elderly residents whilst they remain in occupation.

A large amount of work was commissioned at the same time by clients, so we had to ensure the works were carefully arranged between the services engineers engaged by others, to upgrade the heating and plumbing services in particular. We therefore needed to coordinate the contractors undertaking the kitchen and bathroom replacements with the service upgrades, as well as linking in a suitable time frame for window replacements.

All in all, this difficult scheme has been a great success in a very challenging environment.

We have encountered and dealt with unusual health and safety issues with the complexity of having a number of contractors not necessarily within our control working on the same site at the same time.

This demonstrates Robson Walsh’s flexibility and ability to work with challenging conditions thus still produce successful schemes.

Again we are proud of the quality of work produced and our performance running the scheme.


Genesis Housing Association


Retro-fit kitchen and bathroom upgrade in large sheltered scheme of 61 flats with external window and roof refurbishment.




JCT – envelope works
Internal Refurbishment PPC 2000


December 2010

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Internal and External Works