Cyclical Repairs and Decorations

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External redecoration and repairs of re-generated Inner City Housing Estate.


Robson Walsh LLP were commissioned to manage maintenance of this award winning new estate, to maintain its high standard of construction and design.

Previously we had been involved in emergency repairs and maintaining the original 1960s estate, and this commission followed on from our success in that field.

The client’s brief was to maintain the buildings to ensure a very high standard, so that the unfortunately notorious estate did not de-generate and the new builds, some of which were completed in 1998, remained at a pristine level.


This project has been run successfully. In liaison with Dulux we have developed specifications, giving clear and concise technical guidance to contractors. As part of our role as CDM Coordinators we have been instrumental in pushing for modern methods of access, such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts and other mobile platforms, to reduce costs and add value, without compromising health and safety.

Initially the scheme was tendered on an annual basis, but has turned over a three year renewable rolling contract due to the high standards achieved.

Dulux were engaged to carry out a post inspection of works to ensure high quality and have given documented praise on the standard of works undertaken.
There have been no significant issues in terms of health and safety, contract term or cost overrun.

Each year the projects have been in line with our budget forecasts.

To assist our clients, we have also been mapping the estate using colour codes, so that they have an accurate record of when properties have been decorated for future budget planning.



Hillside Housing Trust / Hyde Group


Cyclical estate redecorations and repairs.


Varied – £200,000 to £300,000 approx per annum




Annually since 2005 – to date

Contract Administration
Cost Control & Budgeting
Forward Planning – Estate Mapping
CDM Coordinator

Cyclical Repairs and Decorations

Life Cycle Costing and Mapping
High Quality Works
Economic Specification